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Blasphemous: One Of The Best Games I Played In 2019

Xavier H Jan 02

My secret love is Metroidvania games. The best part of playing these types of games is that one moment when after frustration, backtracking, and maybe a quick google search you finally get the one item you’re looking for. That item you spent the last hour trying to find finally opens up the section of the map you’re been looking at since the beginning. That moment. It’s like opening a Christmas present, and you end up playing for another hour because you want to find out what the effort was for.

Blasphemous by The Game Kitchen and published by Team17 is one of the best games I’ve played in 2019. The effort, talent, and love that went into this game are clearly on display. I played the Nintendo Switch version, and there were countless sleepless nights because of it. I would spend a couple of hours playing it on my big screen television and when it was time for bed I still played it for another additional 2 hours. I love the battery life that the Nintendo Switch offers, but there were several nights when the Battery Indicator flashed.

Blasphemous is the grandchild of the classic Castlevania Game Boy games that bucked the style of the original Castlevania and added the exploring gameplay of Metroid. That’s why this game type is called “Metroidvania”. A vast world open called Cvstodia that allows players to explore regions without that “Item Gateway” some Metroidvania games set up right away. This type of openness is one of the reasons why I’ve personally played through the game three times.

I don’t know how to properly give the artwork the praise it deserves. The whole game is one massive piece of gothic art that comes to life and tries to slice, burn, or grapple you to death. The enemies in the different regions provided different tactics that cause me to change how I play. I’m not a Dark Souls fan, but I see where the comparison can come from with how the brutal some of the enemies The Penitent One faces are. This game is tough but fair to those willing to face the challenge.

While I give the enemies in Blasphemous that “Tough and Fair” badge, I do have to say some of the boss battles in Blasphemous are frustrating. Blasphemous provides some of the best boss battles I’ve experienced in a while. The bosses are amazing to look at, provide hints to the attacks they are throwing out there, and require split-second decisions. It’s just that some bosses just hammer you with unfair attacks. Those bosses will question your determination to keep trying.

The elements of prayers, forgiveness, religion, and dialog that requires a four-year degree in Spanish Christian theology provides players an amazing gameplay experience. Blasphemous is simply one of the best games in 2019.

The recent announcements of Free DLC coming in 2020 will allow new players and returning players to come back to the messed up hellscape of Cvstodia. I’m excited to see what fresh content The Game Kitchen is going to add to Blasphemous for us.


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